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HOC Grand Reopening 6/15/2020

With over 25 Years of Excellence and an Unstoppable Focus, Mark Parra’s House of Champions – Academy of Martial Arts proudly invites you all to our Grand Reopening starting on Monday, June 15, 2020. Beginning 9:00am, our professional instructors will reignite the training that you’ve all been missing: Karate, Muay Thai/Kickboxing, MMA, Boxing, FMA, and Krav Maga, all within an even higher level hygienic training environment. As such, a few key health and safety protocols will be implemented upon reopening

– Upon arrival, HOC Students will line up and await escorted entry by our Champions Concierge. Students must be dressed in uniform, ready for class, before entering.
– Due to limited facility capacity, and like school, only students will be allowed entry. Parents must pick up student(s) at the completion of each class from the back doors or are welcome to wait at the new Champions Patio in the back of the dojo.
– Upon entry, temperature check, hand sanitizing, and masks will be required (masks will be optional during class). Masks will be available for sale, if needed. If sick or previously exposed to sick individuals, please stay home and focus on recovery.
– Training areas will be respectful of social distancing protocols (minimum 6 ft apart). Thorough cleaning procedures will be implemented after every class in preparation for the next class.
– Upon completion of each class, students will be encouraged to utilize any number of hand sanitizers placed all throughout the dojo and are then expected to exit immediately through the back dojo exit for pickup.
– Personal water bottles are encouraged as the water fountain is no longer available. Water bottles will be available for sale, if desired.
– Students are expected to utilize their own equipment; no loaner equipment will be provided.
We are all extremely excited to be returning to this essential element of our lives and truly appreciate all the support, patience and understanding you’ve shown, especially these last few months. Upon your return, all associated accounts will be audited and begun anew, with any appropriate credit applied to your new enrollment(s). We are all one family here… One Champions Family… and together, we intend to continue being your #1 Training Facility for another 25 years plus!