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Classes & Programs


World-Class instruction For All Ages & Fitness Levels

House of Champions takes pride in offering World-Class instruction through our classes and the exceptional martial arts styles we teach. Wether you are just starting out and wanting to get in better shape or are looking to train competitively, House of Champions has the right class for you. We offer martial arts classes for all ages. Starting at the age of four and go all the way up to offering seniors 65+ our Rock Steady Boxing Program.

Kids Classes

Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing

A great class to get your child moving! This program is excellent for beginning and advanced students. Emphasis on shaping up physicially as well as mentally. This is one of our most popular programs. On the “cutting edge”. Great for getting and staying in shape. Students will master drills and techniques used in Boxing, European Muay Thai, Karate and Thai Boxing.

Ages 7 years & Older

Kids Arjukenpo Karate

Martial arts training at an early age has proven to get your child on the right path. Through respect and self-discipline one builds self-esteem. Your child will learn Arjukenpo Karate, a mixed martial art with an emphasis on: Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiujitsu, and the Filipino Fighting Arts. These programs are the pride and joy of the House of Champions.

Little Dragons Ages 4-7 yrs.

Dragons Ages 8-15 yrs.

Kids MMA / BJJ Workshop (9-14 yrs.)

A great saturday class to get your child learning Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Great for self defense, self esteem, and self confidence. 

Ages 9-14 years

Teen & Adult Classes

Muay Thai Kickboxing

This is one of our most popular programs. Great for getting and staying in shape. You will master drills and techniques including: Boxing, European Muay Thai, Full Contact Karate and Thai Boxing.

For teens and adults

Arjukenpo Karate

Effective self-defense utilizing a variety of martial arts for “The Complete Warrior!” In this class you will learn the best Jiujitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing and Filipino Fighting Arts. A must for the streets. 

For teens and adults


Our boxing program is taught “The Old School” way with the key emphasis on conditioning. The House of Champions instructors will kick your butt into shape.

For teens and adults

Filipino Martial Arts

We teach a traditional form of Filipino Fighting Arts. Students master single and double stick fighting methods, knife techniques, numerous empty hand drills and strategies that will neutralize blunt and edged weapon assaults. 

For teens and adults

Kapap Krav Maga

Practical “Street Smart” skills are taught in this class. We cover what to do when being attacked. It’s about empowerment and turning victims into victors.

For teens and adults

Silver Gloves Boxing Fitness (Ages 60+)

Silver Gloves Boxing is fitness training for people ages 60+.

For adults ages 60+

Warrior Fitness

Think cardio training with a martial arts twist. This workout is guaranteed to get you lean and mean. Learn various martial arts techniques and drills.

For teens and adults