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House of Champions offers a program perfect for you and your family!

MMA • Muay Thai Kickboxing • Karate •  Boxing •  Eskrima • Self Defense • Pro/Am Fight Camp • Silver Gloves Fitness Boxing

The House of Champions Academy of Martial Arts is a safe, clean, training environment with top-notch, highly run programs that are taught with our “Secret Sauce”: the HOC Dojo Love and Wisdom. We are ready, and stay ready, and are always eager to help and assist wherever needed.

With our Unstoppable philosophy, and bringing together the top instructors to share the best styles from around the world, our multi-mat system allows us to teach multiple styles, from beginner to advanced, all at the same time. Sharing martial arts principles, concepts, mindset, philosophy and mental toughness are common in all of our amazing programs, as we have a world-class lineage and history second to none.

The Unstoppable Effort, Enthusiasm, Energy, Killer Mind Set & Mental Toughness are what creates the Unique Culture here at House of Champions

Real Members, Real Results

Ever since I joined up with H.O.C. my whole life has changed for the good its been really great!!! And its addicting because everyone there strives to better them selves so it makes you better your self great all around experience consider me a lifer because it changed my life big time. Lets continue training everyone see you there!!!!

Lavon W.

I can’t say enough great things about House of Champions. Our family have been going here for a number of months and the classes and instructors are outstanding. My kids look forward to their classes every week. And the adult classes have provided me a fun way to get in better shape. It’s been a great experience for all of us. Thank you HOC!

Jason R.

I have never looked forward to going to work out or been so motivated as I am since joining HOC!!!

Rick F.

This is a fantastic dojo with world class instruction. I train here almost every day, and cannot speak highly enough about House of Champions.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional fighter, there is a place for you at HOC. I’m a member for life. Mark Parra brings energy and positivity into his gym. Best dojo in LA by far. Highly recommend!”
Bryce P.

A group of 5 girls and I took Carlos’s Friday night class. Carlos gave an amazing workout that all of us felt. He was such a great teacher and sport as many of us were at different levels. Delighted to have found this house filled with Champions!

Marisela G.

There is no better place than the House of Champions in Van Nuys! The owner, Mark Parra brings so much energy each and every day, teaching and training all students of all ages. Each Sensei (Sensei Mark, Sensei David, Sensei Dan) are so patient with all of the kids, they work great as a team. They teach children and adults how to be motivated, confident, and respectful to themselves and others. My niece attends HOC a few times a week and we see a huge difference in her attitude, she’s focused, she’s confident, and she is motivated. 

HOC is really a great place! No other place like it. As soon as you walk in, you will feel the energy!

Sara O.

“Our main goal and reason for existence is not only to create champions of the ring, but champions of the heart.”

Shihan Mark Parra

Founder, Director & Chief Instructor of The House of Champions Academy of Martial Arts