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Tip # 5 : Turn your jab into a punch. Step with it and through your opponent.

A jab can be more than just a tool to determine a fighter’s range. It can also be a very effective offensive weapon. In order to get power on your jab, a fighter must have excellent timing and footwork.

Previous tips from House of Champions that make you a better fighter discussed the importance of distance. A jab has the most time to generate force at its furthest point. If a fighter has excellent timing, they will fire a jab when their opponent is at the correct range. This will allow the maximum time to generate power on the attack.

One doesn’t initially think of footwork as a large factor for generating punching power, but it may be the most important aspect of the punch. When you throw a power jab, you should step down with your front foot. Your foot should land on the ground at the exact time the jab lands on your opponent. This step provides additional velocity, due to the swinging of your entire body and not just your arm, and stopping power, because of the friction of the ground pulling against your foot. The step also allows a fighter to quickly adjust for optimum range!

If done properly, a stiff jab can have knockout power. Make sure to ask your Sensei at House of Champions how to make your jab a real punch! Check back soon for Tip # 6 of Tips That Will Make You A Better Fighter, catch a jab, pop a jab!