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Tip # 4 : Keep your opponent at the end of your jab to minimize a right hand counter.

Range is very important in any style of striking. Whether you are practicing boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, or mma, proper range is vital to every successful fighter. The jab is a perfect measuring tool for range! This tip will look further into using the jab and proper range as a defensive tool.

The furthest point of a fighter’s jab is the edge of their midrange striking weapons. When a fighter controls the distance with their jab, it makes it very difficult to counter with the right hand. A fighter will have sufficient time to defend against the right hand counter when they are just at the edge of their opponent’s punching range. Finding this range takes quite a bit of practice! One inch too close could equal a punch to the face, and one inch too far may mean missing a potential counter attack! Make sure to ask your Sensei at House of Champions to help you find the end of your jab!

Finding the end of the jab is also an extremely important part of a fighter’s offense. Check back soon for Tip # 5 of Tips That Will Make You A Better Fighter, turn your jab into a punch, and find out more!