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Tip # 2 : Double and triple up on your jab.

A jab is a straight punch thrown from a fighter’s front hand. There are many uses for this weapon, above causing damage to an opponent, and doubling and tripling up on the jab makes it even more effective.

The jab acts as a tool to measure range or keep distance. Range is extremely important in any type of striking. A fighter can generate the most force at the end of a punch or kick. This is for a few reasons. First, a strike has the greatest amount of time to generate momentum at its furthest distance. Also, in the case of a punch, the body was built to withstand more force when the elbow is locked out. You can test this second example with the help of a training partner. Extend a jab fully and hold it in position. Have your training partner push on your hand, and try to hold the punch in position. Then put a jab out with your elbow bent halfway. Have your training partner push on your hand with the same amount of force, and try to hold the punch in the same position. You will find that the locked out punch does not give. If an opponent is able to close the distance and stuff attacks, they can absorb more because they don’t receive the brunt of the strikes.

The jab is also important because it creates openings to set up other attacks. When you double and triple up on your jab, your opponent must make a number of quick reactions to avoid getting hit. A single jab may not set a large enough trap for your opponent to fall into, but multiple punches are harder to defend against and avoid. Whenever someone moves their defense to block an attack, they leave some sort of opening. A talented fighter will create these openings with the double and triple jab, and follow up with a more powerful attack.

Doubling and tripling up your jab can prove key when putting together a solid offense. In order to avoid over extension of your elbow, make sure to have a Sensei at House of Champions show you the optimum range for your jabs. The next tip will discuss the placement of your jabs. Check back soon for Tip # 3 of Tips That Will Make You A Better Fighter, angle your jabs!