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Tip # 1 : Get off first, set the pace of the fight. Don’t let your opponent set the pace.

When a fighter makes the first move, their opponent is forced to react. Lets compare a fight to a drag race to better demonstrate this point. One dragster gets to move off the starting line whenever it is ready, while the other must wait until it sees the first dragster move. Obviously the first dragster has an advantage. It is setting the pace!

It is more difficult to move an object at rest versus something already in motion. When a fighter gets off first, their opponent is forced to start their movement later. This tip can be beneficial for fighters in number of combative arts. Whether you are competing in MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or Jiujitsu, setting the pace is part of every athletes’ winning recipe. The victor will ultimately be determined based on a large number of variables, but utilizing every potential advantage, as small as they may be, could be the determining factor in a close fight.

A talented fighter will make specific movements to evoke specific reactions from their opponent. The next tip will discuss one of these tactics! Check back soon for Tip # 2 of Tips That Will Make You A Better Fighter, double and triple up on your jab!