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    Brandee Hemmer

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    Laura Licata

Michelle Glenn House of Champions Testimonial Michelle Glenn

When we first brought our daughter Kylie (age 9) into House of Champions a few years ago, she suffered from pretty dramatic SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) that had her trapped in her body to the point of not being able to wear typical day-to-day clothes and shoes much less the karate gi that everyone wears to class. Sensei Mark & Sensei David welcomed her with open arms to the class and allowed her to wear the loose fitting closes that were most comfortable for her. Through a lot of ongoing encouragement from her teachers, fellow students and even one-on-one instruction, Kylie has experienced breakthroughs like we have never seen in the 8 years she has been struggling with her disorder… (Read More)

Kian Amirkhizi House of Champions TestimonialKian Amirkhizi

Growing up watching Bruce Lee movies, it was a dream of mine for many reasons to become a black belt. So, over the years I ended up training with a couple of different styles of martial arts, Aikido and Kenpo to be specific. But when life happens, work and kids get in the way of those silly dreams from your youth. I’ll save you from the blah, blah, blah and just say I’m married with three kids and in the middle of that brood, was my beautiful little angel-Samantha.
It was when she was 6, I saw a terrible news-story that changed all of our lives… (Read More)

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    Leah Jackson

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Bryce Papenbrook House of Champions TestimonialBryce Papenbrook

This is a fantastic dojo with world class instruction. I train here almost every day, and cannot speak highly enough about House of Champions.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional fighter, there is a place for you at HOC. I’m a member for life. Mark Parra brings energy and positivity into his gym. Best dojo in LA by far. Highly recommend!