House of Champions Academy of Martial Arts


When we first brought our daughter Kylie (age 9) into House of Champions a few years ago, she suffered from pretty dramatic SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) that had her trapped in her body to the point of not being able to wear typical day-to-day clothes and shoes much less the karate gi that everyone wears to class. Sensei Mark & Sensei David welcomed her with open arms to the class and allowed her to wear the loose fitting closes that were most comfortable for her. Through a lot of ongoing encouragement from her teachers, fellow students and even one-on-one instruction, Kylie has experienced breakthroughs like we have never seen in the 8 years she has been struggling with her disorder.

She now can wear a gi with no issues, including the belt! I literally cried when I saw her wear it in class. Our daughter also wears many other clothes and shoes with nearly no sensitivity now. It is like she experienced the ability to train her mind to have control over her body! Taking classes and being a part of the House of Champions family has given her a self confidence, a sense of pride, a spirit of “I will never quit!”… an accomplishment that is worth GOLD. In my mind, there is no price you can put on this kind of success! We highly recommend House of Champions to all families, especially those with kids who have special needs. There is something very special at this gym.

We are so grateful to Sensei Mark Parra and her teacher Sensei David for nurturing and encouraging her! Thank you and keep up the excellent work!