House of Champions Academy of Martial Arts
HOC Kids

Introduce your child to the many different benefits the House of Champions offers and teaches young minds and souls. Beginning Martial Arts at a young age has proven to help shape a person’s mental and physical self. HOC kids learn valuable life lessons, learn fundamentals of discipline and respect, and are introduced to a world of learning that’s fun and healthy.

kids-01Martial Arts training at an early age has proven to get your child on the right path. Through respect and self-discipline, one builds self-esteem. Your child will learn Arjukenpo Karate, a mixed martial art with an emphasis on the following: Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiujitsu, and the Filipino Fighting Arts.

These programs are the pride and joy at The House and are taught by Founder and Chief Instructor, Mark Parra.

Little Dragons
Ages 4-6 years

Ages 7-9 years
& 10-15 years