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KAPAP is a combat doctrine made up of a combination of several fighting styles such as boxing, judo, jiujitsu, combat with knife, gun and rifle. The emphasis is put on fighting empty handed against each of these weapons, as well as weapon against weapon. Kapap is suitable for all fighting fields and enables the warrior to overcome any kind of fighting and prepares him for nearly any possible situation. KAPAP is neither a sport nor is it competitive; nor is it a martial art. KAPAP is a great form of self-defense.

History of KAPAP

History of Kapap

Towards the end of the Ottoman (Turkish) rule in Palestine, the Jewish settlers realized that they could trust no one to defend and protect them from the threat of the Arab gangs. They started developing a simple “self defense” system made up of simple elements. They learned combat methods from the British soldiers that were still fighting the Turks. The Jewish settlement, supporting the British at that time, was being strengthened in order to undermine Turkish rule.

The British training included Judo, boxing, wrestling and other fighting systems that the British soldiers had learned during the reign of the British Empire. Trainees added fighting with a walking stick, shepherd stick, knife and bayonet. They called this style of fighting KAPAP, the Hebrew acronym for face-to-face combat.

From 1920 to 1948, KAPAP evolved to became the combat doctrine of different underground movements, mainly the Haganah (the Hebrew word for defense). Throughout the years, KAPAP developed and became more sophisticated. New immigrants to Palestine brought with them new practices and tactics. With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, KAPAP became the combat doctrine for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israeli Police and the various armed forces of Israel at the time. This unique combat style kept on evolving, adding elements of modern, classic and ancient combat using rifles and guns as well. KAPAP became the concept of simple yet effective fighting styles.

The Beginning of KAPAP

Haviv Galisko, a pioneer of the KAPAP system, was a soldier in the Moriah regiment in Jerusalem, where he learned the art of defense from a British soldier and his brother, Moshe, also a soldier. Haviv was a KAPAP trainer for the Hagana and later on for the IDF until he was discharged from the military after being wounded. He continued to serve as a trainer of KAPAP at the YMCA in Jerusalem. He taught this method of self-defense to his son, Moshe, and in 1972 they opened the first KAPAP & Karate Training Club together.


House of Champion’s Shihan Jacov Bresler and Moshe Galisko were childhood friends, training together in KAPAP and karate in Israel as teenagers. 28 years later they reunited to bring the KAPAP movement to the U.S.A. Shihan Bresler is the Level C Chief Instructor of KAPAP in the United States, while Moshe operates the international association in Israel, Europe, and the U.S. Together Shihan Bresler and Moshe Galisko are expanding out into Latin and South American countries, bringing KAPAP to the world.

KAPAP at the House Of Champions

Beginning August 15, 2008, House Of Champions will offer a KAPAP self-defense training course open to men, women and children. This class will revolve around self-defense, self-awareness, and handling street conflict, and be taught by Shihan Jacov Bresler and other high-level KAPAP instructors.

This class will be held on Saturdays, and will cost $20.

Congratulations to the following students who received “A Level” certification in KAPAP at the most recent KAPAP seminar which took place at the House of Champions in Van Nuys, California in July 2008:

Brent Ambrose: Police Instructor, Burbank CA.

Mark Parra: Chief Instructor, house of champions

Gregg Wooldridge: Former Police Officer, Bodyguard, Security Specialist

Alan Dankwerth: Head Instructor Krav Maga, Arizona

Olivier Gruner: Action Movie Star, MMA Instructor, Former French Commando Marine

Adrian Chavez: Head of his own security company.

Alexander Reyes: Gun Shop Manger, Gun Instructor

Spice Williams: HOC Black Belt, Film Stunt Actor.

John Hurley: Police Officer, San Diego.

Sean Canel: HOC Black Belt.

Jeff Clevenger: HOC Black Belt.

Melisa Tracy: Film Producer.

Rob Hull: HOC Student.

Jacob Gorman: HOC Student.

Wendy Ortiz: HOC Student.

Josh Buch: HOC Student.

Chris Sperling: HOC Student.

David Tineo: HOC Student.

Mike Yarnall: HOC Student.

Rafael Velazquez: HOC Student.

K.C.Salkinder: MD, HOC Student.

Kian Amirkhizi: HOC Student.

Ace Hatem: stunt actress, HOC Black Belt.

Master Estuardo Schumann received a “C Level” diploma and special recognition as the Guatemalan representative for Kapap.

Darren Levi received a “C Level” diploma as an honorary member for his contribution to the Israeli martial arts. He is the head instructor of USA Krav Maga worldwide and an Assistant DA in California.

We are looking forward to the next KAPAP seminar at the HOuse of Champions! The seminar will take place on August 24, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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