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Industry RelationsIndustry Relations

The House of Champions in Van Nuys is one of the most diverse institutions of Martial Arts. And we’re production ready! With our large dojo and talented fighters we aim to fulfill any production’s need. For more information on any of our industry services below, please contact us at (818) 996-7180.

Talent Training

The House of Champions offers private martial arts and fight training for screen actors. So if you’re about to play the role of your life but don’t have the fighting skills give us a call. We can work around any schedule and organize a strong training program that will have you ready for your close up.

Actors / Stunt

The House of Champions has many talented and skilled fighters with the abilities to hit their "mark". Whether your production requires fighters in front of the camera or just to take the blow, contact us.

Screen Fighting, Talent Training, Fight ChoreographersScreen Fighting

How many times have you watched a movie where the fighters didn’t really look like they knew what they were doing? Well, that’s because they didn’t go to the House of Champions. We offer individuals special training programs that teach the techniques needed to flow the way they should on camera. Fighting on the streets and fighting on the screen are two different things. Give us a call and we’ll show you the difference.

Fight Choreographers

The House of Champions has skilled and experienced fight choreographers. If your production seeks a true professional, please contact us.

Martial Arts Location RentalLocation Rental

The House of Champions in Los Angeles is one of California’s largest dojos. If you don’t believe us, click here to take the tour for yourself.

If your production requires a boxing gym and/or training center with heavy bags and a back lot area, perfect for trailers and craft service, then contact us at (818) 996-7180.

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