House of Champions Academy of Martial Arts
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One of the most important elements for training as a martial artist or a competitive fighter is consistent training. All successful athletes have one thing in common: they train consistently over years and rarely give up progress. In order to maximize results in any style offered at House of Champions, a well-designed training plan followed consistently is required. The proper mix of hard work and recovery ensures the right type of training occurs at the right time.

Missing multiple work outs can dramatically slow down your advancement and achievements from previous training. That being said, it is important to schedule time for your workouts as you would any other appointment. If you are unclear of the best training schedule for your particular goals, have a conversation with your Sensei before or after class. They can customize a training schedule to fit your goals, needs, and lifestyle. Every Sensei at House of Champions has dedicated years of their lives to training, and truly understand the importance of consistency.

Train hard, train smart, and train consistently!