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News and Bruises

Hello HOC Family!

Fall is officially here! It’s that busy yet fun time of year when all the Holiday parties and plans start lining up in your already full schedules! Knowing that, I want to encourage you to continue to keep making exercise a priority in your lives. Regular martial arts practice for you and your family has a huge positive impact on lowering your stress along with countless other health benefits. We have recently added even more classes to help meet your needs. Please, pick up a schedule at the front desk and work it into your daily routine-you’ll be glad you did! Here are a few important dates to mark in your calendar and some words we hope you are inspired by.

Important Dates:

*BJJ tournament : October 12th. Weigh-ins @1pm, 1st Bout @2pm. NEW things to look forward to: Double Elimination, NEW Custom Medals for ALL competitors. Registration, $25. Attendees, $5. Come show your support!

*Due to the tournament, these Saturday classes will not be held: Tiger/Dragon class, white/yellow/orange belt classes.

* Schedule Changes/notes: (1) Kids Kickboxing on Friday’s is for 8-15 year olds. (2) New Friday adult Kickboxing class with Sensei Sean Innis replaces Boxing. (3) Kapap is on Sunday’s, 10:30am-11:30am. $10 “mat fee”. (4) We will no longer be offering Eskrima on Wednesday nights.

** Women’s Street Smarts Survival Skills class. Thursday’s 7:30pm-8:15pm This is a FREE class!! Back-to-school time provides the perfect opportunity to share this with friends! Parents, tell your teen daughter to invite her friends from school! Pick up flyers at our front desk, ask your school to post them in their Teacher’s Lounge. Pass them around! The skills learned may someday save their life! Please spread the word, tell your friends. Help the women & young women in your life be prepared!

*HOC Demo Team is performing Saturday, October 19th at 4:30pm at the haunted corn mazes at Pierce college, corner of Victory and Desoto. Come on out!

* October 19th, 2pm. Bully Awareness & Stranger Danger Seminar! Bring a friend for Street Smarts instruction & free pizza! The Student to bring the most friends will earn a custom HOC hoodie! Remember the best way to compliment your Instructor is to tell your friends about your Training Place!

*Defensive Edge Seminar- Saturday, October 26th, 9am-12pm, only $25. Taught by renowned Guru Felix Valencia of the Lameco Group. Learn to defend against a knife, fight with one and handle life & death situations. This hands-on seminar gives students a comprehensive taste of DEFENSIVE EDGE! Spaces are limited so RSVP at the front desk.

*HOC Halloween Party! October 26th, 6-9pm! As with last year, it’s a Potluck and we will also pick a winner for best costumes!

*HOC will be closed in the afternoon and evening on Oct 31st, but morning BJJ will still be held. Have a safe & fun Halloween everyone !

*Please show your support for a special film that Sensei Mark was featured in… “Gun Hill”, by “liking” it on Facebook. Thanks for your support!

* Remember, the best way to show appreciation to your Instructor is to refer a friend! Your friend can take advantage of our Back-to-School Special, only $199!

*As we head into the “cold & flu season”, thank you in advance for refraining from coming into the dojo if you or a family member is ill.

Parents and/or Guardians,

This month, our weekly lessons will have to do with Stranger Danger !

How Can You Help?

All parents worry about keeping their kids safe. Does your child know what to do when approached by a stranger? Check out the steps that parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba considers crucial to teaching kids about stranger safety:

-Give Permission to say “No”. Studies show that kids under the age of nine rarely say, “No”, to a sexual offender because they were told, “to obey adults”. So give your children permission to yell “NO!”, if someone tries to touch you in places your bathing suit covers, makes you feel at all afraid or uncomfortable, say “NO!”. You will not be in trouble.

-Establish a family secret code. Choose a memorable code like “Geronimo”, to give only to family members or trusted individuals responsible for your kids in your absence. Then stress: “Never leave with anyone who can’t say our family secret code.” Create a texted code (like “111”, or “123”) to be used by the child to contact you if in danger. This recently saved a California teen from abduction.

-Teach: “Drop, Holler, and Run”. Teach your child that if he ever needs to get away quickly, he should drop whatever he is carrying, holler, and run! If possible, he should hold onto anything (such as bike handles, car door), holler, and kick an abductor in the groin or eyes.

The secret to these discussions is bringing up the topics in a relaxed way just as you discuss other safety concerns like using cross walks and pool safety. The best time to start those talks is when your kids are young! You are laying groundwork to not only prevent abuse but also get the crucial help a child might need.

Also, please be sure to bring your children & their friends to our free Bully Awareness & Stranger Danger Seminar, October 19th at 2pm! They will leave that day with practical moves that may someday save their life!

Shihan Mark
Founder/Chief Instructor