House of Champions Academy of Martial Arts
News and Bruises

On the dark, damp eve of October 27th, House of Champions was transformed from its usual brightly lit training place of blood, sweat and tears to a spooky haunt where all the ghouls and goblins could celebrate this fun, festival holiday. The creative costumes were a-plenty, the blood was fake and though some of the younger crowd protested loudly that there were no carved pumpkins to karate chop (this time!), as usual, there was a smorgasbord of delish food for all to enjoy. And, of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy and other sugary treats!!

The guests were all entertained by the spectacular moves and grooves of the LA hip hop group Just Stylyn and after a cute, colorful and sometimes creepy parade of uniquely costumed kids paraded around the HOC, a panel of judges selected winner from each age group. There was even a screaming contest, judged by Sensei Mark himself. (Yes, his ears are still ringing!!) Afterwards, all celebrated with MORE candy! booohaaaaaaa!

A special thanks to Sensei Mark Parra for putting on this special night. A spooktacular time was had by all and everyone was a winner! We love our HOC family and encourage everyone to keep spreading the love around by bringing in your friends, neighbors, coworkers etc to try a free class this holiday season. Thanks again to all who participated! Stay tuned for more pictures