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(House of Champions welcomes guest contributor Dean Bo, a talented young fighter who is proud to call HOC his Training Place. We hope you enjoy his new weekly Champion Fight Tips and welcome your feedback.)


(Week #1)

Greetings champions and welcome to fight tips from Dean Bo’s corner. I am Dean Bo and I’ll be giving you a tip each week to help improve your lifestyle, training, and essentially, your fighting.  I’ve been so blessed to be able to train here at the one-of-a -kind House of Champions. In my time here, I’ve had the opportunity to be able to learn form many different Senseis and Instructor from many different backgrounds. Something I’d like to pass along to everyone this week is a good tool that, when used consistently, will better your fight game more than you ever thought possible. This tool is something many coaches and high-level athletes of every sport will admit to doing.


So what is this magical tool? It is the ability to watch and learn. Of course you can not only learn from watching or else the whole world would-be geniuses, however, you can always open your mind to new things that can translate well into what you already know how to do. Every second you are in the gym no mater if you are watching your Instructor while he is teaching a technique in class, while you are stretching off to the side and watching the pro fighters here at HOC spar in the ring, or even watching the young champions here move through an Arjukenpo class…there is for sure always something to be watched. The important part is to break down what it is you are watching and to use the visual as an aid for your own fighting. Watch and visualize yourself perfectly executing the technique as your instructor is teaching the technique. Watch the pros spar, visualize yourself in the ring, and how you would have dodged that punch they just got hit by. See the flexible kids effortlessly pick up their legs to kick but watch how they need to improve motor skills and maybe you realize its time to improve your own balance. These are basic ideas examples that can vary, but the concept will remain constant.


The concept of watching and learning is:

#1- Learn from others mistakes

–    If you see someone dropping their hands in the ring and they get hit because of it, well why not learn from that instead of you being the one getting hit? Go grab 2-pound hand weights and start shadow boxing a couple rounds so when it’s your turn to spar your hands are up high and you don’t get hit because they’re down.


#2- Our brain is a computer

–   If you are watching and focusing on a technique, your brain will pick up the movements weather you like it or not, and one day when you are stuck on the ground in a position you personally might have not worked on but watched someone else working on, then your brain will go into its files as a computer does, and call upon the technique you need to get out of it.


#3- Fight I.Q.

-The more information we consume in general can; strengthens our brain, give us more options to use in time of struggle, and will give us a wider awareness of things going on around us. It applies to fighting as well, the best fighters and coaches have something called fight IQ, this is basically your ability to put everything you know about martial arts together the best you can under pressure times and at a fast pace. The more you watch and learn the better your fight IQ will get too.


If you keep this basic concept of watching and learning and utilize this tool as much as you can, you will see your fight game improve exponentially. I used this technique when I first started competing and used to watch everyone. I would take the things I liked and leave behind the things I didn’t like. Still until this day I learn from watching kids, fighters, coaches, and anyone who is being active at House of Champions. I hope everyone benefits from the fight tips coming form Dean Bo’s corner. Stay posted on all my social media to see more tips, videos, and motivational posts I put every day at and and