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House of Champions welcomes guest contributor, Dean Bo, a talented young fighter who is proud to call HOC his training place. We hope you are enjoying his tips so far and welcome your feedback.


(Week #3)


Fighter vs. Martial Artist


In today’s world of Mixed Martial Arts everyone sees the highlight reel knockouts, the tattoos, and the colorful Mohawks. How often do we see Respect and Discipline? Only among the world champions such as; Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, and Jon Jones, do we start to see a Martial Artist style code of conduct. When MMA was first born in 1993, it was martial Artists who were the pioneers. Those pioneers came to test their skills not for; money, fame, or any of that… but for a simple taste of glory. Today you see fighters coming into the sport trying to be the best but they don’t stand for anything besides their trash talk and Affliction shirts. A true martial artist has respect and discipline. Martial artist have their own code of conduct that separates them from other fighters who only train to fight, and not for the love of the art.


For kids and young adults I’ve composed Dean Bo’s code of conduct for competition. The reason I say competition is because like Dr. Nelson “Doc” Hamilton once told me “Fighting is a metaphor for life.” Life beholds competition in many different forms, not only fighting, and we must learn to have the proper code of conduct to carry us through them. If you are a martial artist there is a very high possibility you have a code of conduct of your own.


Here is Dean Bo’s code of conduct for competition


1)      Respect yourself

2)      Respect your opponent

3)      Respect your arena

4)      Win gracefully

5)      Don’t ever lose… Learn.

6)      Learn Gracefully

7)      Act honorably

8)      Arrive early

9)      Practice self control

10)   Never use profanity


Of course there are many more things you can add onto this list, and that is the point. You should always find ways to be a better martial artist, to be a better you. When you go about your life, remember you are not a fighter, you are a martial artist. Carry yourself as a martial artist, compete as a martial artist, and enjoy life as a martial artist. Os!


Hope you all enjoyed the technique of the week. Stay updated with Dean Bo on all my social media and find more motivating posts like these every day! and and