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House of Champions welcomes guest contributor, Dean Bo, a talented young fighter who is proud to call HOC his training place. We hope you are enjoying his tips so far and welcome your feedback.


(Week #2)


Today in Dean Bo’s corner we will talk about THE BASICS! People in today’s world of martial arts tend to drift away from the basics and dive into more complicated techniques because they are more fun to learn and look fancy, but the question is… are they effective?


About 99% of Mixed Martial Arts fights are won with a BASIC TECHNIQUE! Here are some examples of basic techniques that were proved effective from the most recent UFC (156) event.


-Jose Aldo def. Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision; he won the fight from a basic jab and a basic leg kick, accompanied with slick head movement, which essentially is bobbing and weaving, this is something that instructors at HOC would teach on day 1 of a boxing class.


-Damian Maia def. Jon Fitch via unanimous decision; Damian Maia came out using two takedowns, a double leg take down and a basic Judo trip. The double leg is taught on day 1 in any grappling class and the simple Judo trip Damian used time and again in the fight is taught even to the youngsters in the beginning of there journey here at HOC. Then he secured his win by riding Jons back the whole fight with a back mount, another day 1 position taught in any grappling class.


Both of these fights are recent examples, however, any champion of any sport, will tell you they have two or three techniques maximum that they have mastered to perfection and they are confident enough to use them on anyone. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE BASICS! You must master the basics! This is a metaphor that can apply into everyday life as well. In life, having a strong foundation such as a family or support team will help you overcome any challenge that life throws your way. You will not worry about falling apart because of that strong foundation and support team you have behind you. THE BASICS in martial arts work the same way! If you have a strong stance, blocks, movement, and conditioning you will get through most fights, belt tests, or whatever it is simply because of those BASICS alone.


Keep in mind the second word in the phrase “Martial Arts.” It is an art form. Yes, the basics are what your body will rely on under times of pressure out of instinct, however learning the fancy moves and the beautiful techniques is what makes “Martial Arts,” an “Art.”


So in conclusion, understand the basics and master them, the time for fancy techniques will come and will be even easier to use and apply once you have truly mastered the foundation of your art. The basics will be the water to put out the fire of your opponents flurry of techniques. The basics will be your foundation for your life in Martial Arts. Find what works for you; a basic sidekick, a basic reverse punch, maybe a basic armbar. Stick to the technique, dedicate yourself to the technique, drill it all the time, master it, and become a champion because the BASICS ALWAYS WORK!


Hope you all enjoyed the technique of the week. Stay updated with Dean Bo on all my social media and find more motivating posts like these every day! and and