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Felix Valencia

Filipino Fighting Arts

Born in the Philippines, Felix Valencia has trained extensively (over 35 years) within a multitude of devastating no-nonsense fighting arts within each range of combat. Valencia has been inducted into the Karate Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame twice. He became world renown as “Edgar‘s Brawler” when he found a home within Punong Guru Edgar Sulite‘s Filipino based system of LAMECO Eskrima.

Putting this knowledge into real life application, Valencia has successfully competed in numerous full contact stick and knife fights and is undefeated in 24 Muay Thai fights. As a result, Guru Valencia has chosen the most street applicable systems, extracting techniques and philosophies of martial arts that allow him to flow without interruption between each range of fighting, utilizing a volatile arsenal that compromises Valencia LAMECO Eskrima.

Guru Felix Valencia has earned the reputation both in the Martial Arts and Law Enforcement communities as one of the most versatile Martial Artist alive. Consequently, Guru Valencia is one of the most sought after instructors world wide by military and law enforcement agencies. LAPD, FBI, and the U. S. Marshals are a few of the agencies that hire Guru Valencia on a regular basis.

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