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Dan Mayid

Kids Arjukenpo Karate
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Dan Mayid was born in Queens, New York. In 1989, Dan started training under Master Art Beins in United States Black Cat Kenpo. The art consisted of five different styles: Okinowan Kenpo, Tae Kwon Doe, Aikido, Hapkido, and collegiate wresting. After receiving his black belt in 1995, Dan began to delve into other art forms, while continuing to train in Black Cat Kenpo. Dan began to train under Professor Tom Curry in Sanuces Ryu (urban survival) Jujutsu, this art form consisted of karate, boxing and arnis. This led to Dan’s study of American style kickboxing under Jimmy Gargiulo. Some of the prestigious honors that Dan has received during his martial arts career include: Promoted to 4th dan in Black Cat Kenpo (2005), Outstanding Service in Martial Arts (2005), Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Excellence in Teaching (2003), Star Leadership Award (2003), and the Black Cat Kenpo Appreciate Award (2000). In 2005, Dan relocated to Los Angeles, California and began training and teaching martial arts at House of Champions in Van Nuys.

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