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Jacov Bresler

Master Instructor

Shihan Jacov Bresler was first introduced to the world of martial arts in 1968, at the age of sixteen while working as a Merchant Marine for the Israeli company called Zim. His instructor was an Israeli Ex Special Forces Soldier who trained for several years in Korea and Japan. He also specialized in the hand-to-hand close quarter combat known as KAPAP and KRAV MAGA.

At age eighteen, in 1970, Jacov joined the Navy Special Unit in the Israeli Defense Forces. As Jacov was undergoing special training provided by the military, he began training in the traditional martial arts taught by non military instructors.

The first traditional style Jacov learned was the Japanese Style known as Shoto Kan. He studied this style for two years, and achieved the rank of brown belt.

Soon after, he was introduced to an instructor teaching the Japanese Okanawan style knows as Goju Ryu. Jacov immediately felt comfortable with this style and began training for the next four years. In the meantime, he also trained and worked out with a group of friends commonly known and considered as the pioneers of the Israeli Karate community. One of them is ShiHan Moshe Galisko, the Israeli head of the Japanese Karate Associate, and the head instructor in the Israeli style KAPAP/KRAV MAGA.

Jacov achieved the rank of black belt at the age of 21. After completing his military obligations, he continued training and worked as security for an Israeli Airline. He also worked for various clubs as a bouncer and performed martial arts showcases on special holidays in front of crowds of thousands.

In 1973, Jacov saw action while he actively served in the front lines for 119 days in the Yom Kippur War. Immediately after, he went on his first vacation to the United States. There he met the world famous Benny “The Jet” Urquidez. Jacov began training with Benny, the Urquidez family, and the students in Kickboxing, and the Ukidokan style. When he returned to Israel, Jacov continued his martial arts training. In 1975, Jacov returned to the United States.

Jacov studied under and taught for Frank Dukes of Kuksnu Ninjitsu. He was introduced

To Mr. Ed Parker and for a year, Jacov participated in Mr. Parker’s “by invitation only” black belt class with some of Mr. Parker’s high ranking black belts. He then returned to training and teaching for Mr. Urquidez at the world famous Jet Center for 10 years.

Always curious and always “The hungry student”, Jacov visited and trained with many different schools specializing in a variety of diverse martial arts styles. He often refereed an d judged in most of the major Southern California tournaments. This earned him the nickname “The Ambassador of Martial Arts”. To this day, he continues to bring people together in the martial arts community.

In 1995, Jacov, joined his friend Shihan Mark Para and assisted him in establishing the school known as the “House of Champions”. He continues his martial arts education under the Filipino Grand Master Cacoy Canente of the famous Doce Pares Eskrima, and the Australian style of Arjukenpo under Master Vince Palermo. Jacov also trains with Grand Master Bill Ryusaki originator of the Hawaiian Kempo Karate and the original teacher to the famous Urquidez Family. Jacov continues to attend Mr. Ryusaki’s classes taught at the House of Champions. He also attends other Kempo Karate high ranking classes taught by Grand Master O. Estuardo Schumann who is recognized as the father of Kempo in Central America as he is the founder of Hawaiian Kempo and Guate-Kempo in Central America.

Jacov has attended numerous seminars over the last 40 years. These seminars include self-defense classes, combative martial arts, and traditional martial arts. In recognition of his commitment to the martial arts, he has been appointed by the Israeli association as the West Coast Head Instructor for KAPAP/KRAV MAGA for the Israeli International KAPAP Association. Jacov holds a 5th degree Black Belt at Israeli Karate; a 3rd Top Grade KAPAP instructor; a Top Grade hand-to-hand combat close quarters instructor; a 6the Dan Black Belt in Arjukenpo; a 5th Dan Black Belt in Du Roe Ninjitsu; as is a Kickboxing instructor.

Jacov Bresler remains extremely active in teaching, training, and continues to enthusiastically exchange ideas by encouraging students and friends in the martial arts community to do the same.

or the past 30 years, Jacov has worked with such notables as Sylvester Stallone, Steven Segal, Lorenzo Lamas, Olivier Gruner, and many other well known action stars. Jacov has successfully combined his martial arts discipline and knowledge with his career in the motion picture industry which has proven to be specially helpful during fight choreography and stunt work!

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