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24 Things That Will Make You A Better Fighter

  1. Get off first, set the pace of the fight. Don’t let your opponent set the pace.
  2. Double and triple up on your jab.
  3. Angle your jabs. First jab center chin, second jab side chin, third jab center chin.
  4. Keep your opponent at the end of your jab to minimize a right hand counter.
  5. Turn your jab into a punch. Step with it and through your opponent.
  6. Catch a jab, pop a jab!
  7. Use off set and staggered rhythms to avoid being timed and countered. Especially when throwing the jab.
  8. Throw punches in bunches.
  9. Bring your punch back as fast as it goes out. Don’t float your punch.
  10. Don’t load up on every punch.
  11. Don’t fly your punches. Put your weight behind them. Your body should work as one unit. Shoulder, arms, hips, and legs all load up and explode at the same time.
  12. Breathe with your punches. Expel your energy and don’t get body countered with a bucket full of air.
  13. Move your head after throwing a punch. Make your opponent work for his shot.
  14. When working in close, bang in 2-3 punches. Don’t stay in the “pocket” too long. Going for 4-5 punches will get you countered.
  15. Don’t pace your combinations. Explode into your opponent with them.
  16. Don’t “format”, don’t become a predictable fighter. Diversify, learn to mix, not blend.
  17. Don’t waste your legs. Learn to move in inches not yards. Learn to move with a purpose.
  18. Never move straight back. Doing this will get you knocked on your butt by a left hook.
  19. Learn absolute balance. Disperse your weight from your center of gravity (1/2” below your navel)
  20. Stalk, don’t chase.
  21. Learn the lost art of the feint. It’s an excellent tool for creating openings.
  22. Learn to spot 2-3 openings at a time.
  23. If you can’t find an opening, then blow your punches into your opponent’s arms and shoulders. This will cause a Charlie-horse in his arms and slow down his punches.
  24. If you’re a tall fighter stay tall. If you’re a smaller fighter stay small.

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