House of Champions Academy of Martial Arts

The House of Champions facility encompasses 6500 sq. feet of functional martial arts and fitness workspace, making it one of California’s largest Martial Arts Academies. HOC is home to many families throughout the community and greater Los Angeles.Do you want to see positive changes in your young child, preteen or teen? We build all our martial arts on the foundation of five virtues; PATIENCE, FOCUS, KINDNESS, HONESTY, and RESPECT. Through our variety of kid’s programs such as Arjukenpo Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu, your child will gain: self discipline and mental focus, learn how to become dedicated, consistent and committed, and will become stronger in mind and body. All these elements of martial arts studies have shown to dramatically increase self esteem and improve attitude at home and school. Serious students will live by a set of standards that will inspire others. They will continue to achieve skill sets that they will carry with them into their college and professional years ahead!

Throughout all our kids programs, there is superior, world class instruction, systems to help meet a wide variety of children’s needs, accountability, and standardized regular testing to keep kids encouraged and moving forward. At HOC, every child is a winner and a champion!

Looking to get in shape with a unique fighters approach to fitness? Then try a Warrior Fit class, where you’ll go through a professional fighter’s routine that involves stretching, shadow boxing, bag work, combination drills, lower body conditioning and abdominal work. HOC’s instructors incorporate fundamentals of boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Karate as a part of the workout. Not only will you get in shape, but you’ll have fun and learn while you are doing it!

House of Champions is also proud to offer dozens of opportunities for its members to be social together throughout the year. From Brazilian Jiujitsu tournaments, holiday potlucks, birthday celebrations, “Bully Defense & Stranger Danger” seminars, goal- setting clinics, Facebook competitions, Referral Programs, and many other neighborhood outreach and educational events. This is a community that you will want your whole family to be a part of! We welcome you to not just take our word for it… TRY US FOR FREE, and then make a commitment to make this year your healthiest year yet.